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Southleigh Community Apartments

Southleigh Community is a 25 bed community-based independent hospital that provides assertive rehabilitation for male and female service users with complex mental health needs. The hospital provides 19 single en-suite bedrooms and 6 semi-independent apartments, allowing us to provide a step down service and encourage independence.

  Males & Females   18+  6 Beds   Semi –independent Apartments

What we do

About Southleigh Community Hospital

At Southleigh Community Hospital we are keen to ensure that patients move through a pathway as seamlessly and appropriately as possible. Our semi- independent apartments allow for people in our locked rehabilitation services to step down into a less restrictive environment when the time is right, whilst at the same time allowing us to take safe and positive risks knowing that we have access to all the multi-disciplinary team if required on the same site.

We also admit patients externally who may be stepping down from other inpatient settings.

At Southleigh Community we can accommodate up to 25 service users in 19 single en-suite bedrooms and 6 semi-independent apartments. These flexible apartments can be used as a way of safely allowing people more independence, or alternatively are equally suitable for those requiring a higher level of support.

We provide intensive clinical and therapeutic treatment according to the detailed care plan that is written in agreement with the service user, their family, our multi-disciplinary team and the funding authority.

Southleigh has an effective recovery and social inclusion programme that enable service users to access both community and unit based leisure activities, adult educational opportunities and vocational/work schemes.

We are committed to assisting each service user to attain their own potential through helping them to become more confident in their own personal development



Meet the Team

Reuben Evans – Hospital Manager

Reuben is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, an experienced healthcare executive and senior clinician who has held a number of senior positions within the NHS and independent sector. Reuben has worked across a range of mental health sectors as a practitioner and manager in high, medium and low secure forensic services and has been responsible for the management, commissioning and development of Acute, PICU and Learning Disability services.

Reuben has undertaken training in psychodynamic practice and brings this to bear in both his clinical practice and management approach.

Reuben is committed to delivering meaningful care and interventions to the individuals he serves and demands a high standard of service delivery from the clinicians in his team. He is also a supporter of innovative practice and has encouraged charity organisations such as Reach for Dance to work within his hospital services in order to broaden the scope of experience for the service users.

Hollie Roberts – Clinical Nurse Manager

Hollie qualified as a Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities after completing an Advanced Diploma at Southampton University.

Since qualifying Hollie has gained experience in working with a variety of service users with complex diagnoses of both Mental Health and Learning Disabilities in hospital settings. During 2010 Hollie played a key part in the transition of a unit which specialised in learning disabilities into a rehabilitation ward for mental health service users. This was accomplished by the use of the recovery star, self-medicating programme and a clear focus on community involvement.

Following this experience Hollie realised she had a passion for rehabilitation work and hence joined the team at Southleigh in March 2011. Hollie felt she was able to employ her strengths and utilise her skills as an RNLD to focus on service user rights, optimising choices and increasing the independence and social inclusion of the service users in her care through their journey of recovery. Hollie’s role as Clinical Nurse Manager involves leading the team in patient focused and recovery based work through motivation, day to day management and service development. These responsibilities alongside her contribution to the MDT work towards providing and maintaining the best possible care for our service users.

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