Occupational Therapy Assistant

Job Category: Nursing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Sturdee Community Hospital
Pay Range: £20475 per annum



Utilising principles of the Recovery and Social Inclusion models the post holder will provide a programme of social, creative and skills based activities to both individuals and groups under supervision. The post holder will be responsible for leading the activities on a daily basis in co – ordination with the occupational therapist and nursing/support staff.


The post-holder may be required to work flexible hours, including evenings.


Service Description


The post holder will provide a service to Inmind – Sturdee Community Hospital, which is a 31 bedded hospital in Leicester, providing a holistic service for women between 18-65 with complex mental health needs that include: personality disorder; serious and enduring mental illness; co-morbidity; and a history of complex trauma. We provide intensive clinical and therapeutic treatment according to the detailed care plan that is written in agreement with the service user, their family, the funding authority and the multidisciplinary team.





  1. To work as a team member in the delivery and subsequent evaluation of clinical interventions using activities to help clients’ achieve/develop/maintain daily living skills. This will involve both individual work and facilitating groups.


  1. Assist in the implementation of joint care plans (MDT) for patients focusing on their physical, social and mental health needs.


  1. Support patients to engage in occupational, diversionary and recreational activities as individuals and in group settings. This will involve exhibiting skills in certain occupational activities and the use of associated equipment when required including preparation for groups and organising of equipment for these activities.


  1. Recording in Patient MDT records all interventions undertaken as well as observations and responses.


  1. Escort patients to various therapeutic/treatment programmes as determined by their care plan and the nurse-in-charge/MDT, within hospital or community.


  1. Develop knowledge and understanding of local resources to support patients to engage in educational, occupational and recreational activities in the community.


  1. To support and assist the patients with managing their daily living skills in a manner which supports personal recovery and recognises that levels of assistance may vary on a day to day basis.


  1. To partake in planning and implementation of community outings with patients, with a view to safe and socially inclusive community access, considering issues of risk and escorting status.


  1. Post holder to participate in regular audits to evaluate patients’ participation and effectiveness of any group programme on the unit.


  1. Recognise and respect patients as individuals with the same rights, needs and emotions as everyone else. Promote the dignity and self esteem of patients at all times.


  1. Maintain appropriate boundaries in all interactions with patients and carers


  1. To contribute to Risk assessment and manage it effectively in all settings in compliance with Inmind policies and procedures.


  1. To perform to a high standard of care, ensuring the services provided are culturally sensitive, relevant and accessible to the needs of all patients.


  1. Ensure patients make informed decisions whenever possible, based on open and honest dialogue with them (and carers), respecting their choices.


13.Co-operate with, contribute to and perform all aspects of daily tasks in agreement with occupational therapist/nurse in charge.


  1. To undertake delegated tasks, which contribute to the safe and smooth running of the service such as checking equipment and organising resources including management of any finances required under supervision of Occupational Therapist


  1. To exercise good personal time management and reliable attendance.


16.To report any maintenance requirements, informing senior ward staff/OT of any difficulties.


17.Use initiative with colleagues in thinking of new ways of optimising and improving services, identifying resources required.


Professional Development

  1. Participate in regular supervision.


  1. To undertake relevant activities to meet training objectives as identified jointly with supervisor.




  1. To respect confidentiality and sensitivity of Patient information and follow relevant guidelines in disclosing information
  2. To communicate with others in an appropriate and professional manner.
  3. To maintain accurate, up-to-date and appropriate clinical records and statistical information as required in activity registers and MDT notes.
  4. To gain consent and build a collaborative relationship with patients that will promote engagement in the therapeutic process
  5. Actively encourage patients to access their activity/recovery plan.
  6. Demonstrate respect for other members of the team.


Service Development and Delivery

  1. Understand and carry out responsibilities by adherence to the guidelines laid down in Health and Safety Act (1974) and Trust Health and Safety policy manual.


  1. To ensure that all areas are well maintained and comply with Health and Safety guidelines, ensuring the safe use of equipment and storage of materials.


  1. Report to Senior staff on all matters relating to Health and Safety Issues


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