National Service User Awards | Winners!

A group of service users and staff from Waterloo Manor travelled to Colwick Hall, Nottingham to land on the red carpet dressed in our best! We were directed to a beautifully decorated Marquee on the grounds in anticipation of the day ahead…

National Service User Awards Waterloo Manor WinnersWaterloo Manor had 5 finalist projects in the day’s event (5 out of 25!!)

  • Waterloo Pride 2018- a rainbow decorated bench and colourful gnomes to show that we are supportive of people being who they want to be
  • The Road to Recovery- a mural on our corridor created by service users showing barriers, overcoming barriers, & future hope and dreams
  • The idiots guide to DBT- a booklet that highlights key DBT skills that can help staff and family members support service users needing to use these skills
  • Recovery College Collaborative Art & Gallery 1- an art gallery showcasing all wonderful artwork created by service users
  • Another Day in Paradise- A Play written and performed by one of our service users to combat stigma in mental health

For each Category we were finalists in we were able to stand on the stage and give a description of our projects; our service users despite being nervous in front of a large and influential crowd did us proud and were amazing!

Raising Mental Health Awareness:

We were welcomed the stage by Linda Bryant; chief Executive for Together Mental Wellbeing and awarded our finalist certificates and handmade awards made at Rampton.

Recovery and the Arts:

This Award was overseen by Olivia Butterworth Head of Public Voice NHS England where again we were awarded a finalist certificate and handmade award.

The Community and Education:

National Service User Awards Waterloo Manor WinnersCategory was led by Mick Burns Co-Commissioner of the PD Offender Pathway North, NHS England. It was in this category that we had a win with our Stigma Fighting Play! It was at this moment that a huge cheer rose from the audience at an otherwise dignified event!! You can take the girls out of Leeds, but not the Leeds out tha girls. We had our Pride on and wanted everyone to hear!!! The play was a well-deserved winner taking a lot of effort, determination and creativity from one of our service users, we have had a lot of demand for it to be shared again and again which we will happily oblige.

All the runners up from each category then go into a live vote on the day and to our surprise and delight (and another loud cheer) we won the Service User Choice Award in the Community and Education Category for our Idiots guide to DBT! We were then told this has never been won by the same service in the same category before in the 7 year history of the Awards so added extra meaning. We are so grateful to be recognised by other service users for the great work we do at Waterloo Manor. A few services have asked and will use our guide in their service.

The music on the day was inspirational; the theme was superheroes and a consistent message that ‘we are all winners’ echoed round the room – we even manged to dance!

We had amazing 12 hour day at the awards and were buzzing all the way back to Waterloo Manor!