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Vacancy type (Bank/Perm etc): Bank
Salary: TBC

We are currently looking to hire a Bank Kitchen Assistant to join our growing team,

Key Responsibilities

  1. Responsibility for the day to day operation of the kitchen and catering operation.
  2. Maintain appropriate records including daily work sheets, temperature checks, cutlery checks and weekly deep cleaning.
  3. To prepare, cook and serve food of the highest standards appropriate to the needs of the patients and staff.
  4. Participate in regular review of menus in line with patients’ and staff requirements, including the provision of special diets.
  5. To communicate effectively with patients and staff to ensure the provision of relevant, appealing diets.
  6.  To assist and maintain high standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.
  7. To have knowledge of the Health and Safety regulations, with specific reference to COSHH and chemicals in use.
  8. To keep all surfaces and storage areas clean and tidy. To keep the floor area clean and free of grease or spillage at all times and washes daily.
  9. To adhere to the agreed cleaning rotas and schedules.
  10. To have knowledge of the correct use of all kitchen equipment including knives.
  11. To gain a Basic Hygiene Certificate and update when required.
  12. To attend all Mandatory & Statutory training sessions as required to work safely within the Catering Department.
  13. To dispose of waste correctly.
  14. To perform other such reasonable duties as may be required.


We want you to join our team and help strive for excellence so get in touch today and send your application to

Anura Kalubowila: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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