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Vacancy type (Bank/Perm etc): Perm
Salary: £35,000
Hours per week: 37.5

Are you a Occupational Therapist  ? Do you really want to make a difference to patient care? Do you have an interest in the delivery and implementation of quality healthcare in a challenging and dynamic area?

 Role:  To design, arrange and provide direct clinical care which encompasses Occupational Therapy assessment, treatment and management of patients with complex mental health needs who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. You will be the OT lead working with a team of OT assistants and alongside a full multi-disciplinary team.

Key Results Areas 

  1. Inform all Patients of their right to access their treatment plan, and to actively encourage them to read and evaluate their treatment plan.
  1. Demonstrate effective leadership, providing appropriate advice and guidance to members of the team.
  1. Undertake thorough assessments, using evidence based tools, of care needs which lead to the development of detailed and relevant care plans, positively encourage patient involvement in all aspects of service delivery.
  1. On a planned basis, uses appropriate evaluation techniques to assess the effectiveness of packages of care, which have been offered.
  1. Ensure that the development and maintenance of an effective system for assessing, managing and minimising levels of clinical risk.
  1. To work as an integral member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team, and facilitate effective team working in providing excellent care to Patients.
  1. To ensure the effective implementation of the care programme approach, ensuring relevant and up to date communication between all those involved in supporting individual Patients.
  1. To be involved in planning, providing, evaluating therapeutic groups and activity programmes as appropriate to the clinical setting.
  1. Ensure clinical and professional development needs are met by the CPD process.
  1. To take an active role in the development and implementation of audit and evidence based practice within a clinical setting.
  1. Take responsibility to maintain professional registration by meeting COT and HPC standards and support adherence to these within clinical settings.
  1. To ensure that treatment areas and equipment used for Occupational Therapy interventions are safely maintained and are in good order and condition.
  1. To work in an autonomous way with Occupational Therapy specific interventions based on clinical reasoning.
  1. To take the clinical lead for promoting occupation within the hospital environment and support the team in enabling the environment to be occupationally focussed. 

Job Summary and Workload Management

  1. To present as a positive and professional role model to all staff within the unit, striving to maintain a philosophy of service user involvement in continuously improving the service
  1. To take the professional lead for the overall provision and development of high quality Occupational Therapy for your patient case load within the hospital, asserting your competencies as an OT and embedding these within the wider role of Primary worker.
  1. To actively participate in and provide, clinical and management supervision.
  1. To positively participate in and assist other staff, in the implementation of personal development plans, and promote mandatory training.
  1. To utilise your core Occupational Therapy skills in providing a high quality of Occupational Therapy mental health treatment within a wider role of primary worker.
  1. To support the development of a central therapeutic environment within Waterloo Manor. This will involve assessing needs, developing group programmes and facilitating groups appropriate to the needs of the patients.
  1. To be responsible and accountable for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of Care and Treatment for patients within a Care Programme Approach (CPA) system.
  1. To support the profession's development and modernisation and the adherence to your profession's standards and codes of practice. 

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required 

  1. BHSC (OT) /Dip COT.
  1. One year post graduate mental health work experience. (or previous work in mental health if a senior student)
  1. To demonstrate and apply a highly skilled level of clinical and professional supervision. (Utilising a variety of techniques underpinned by a variety of models and experience).
  1. To have attended CPD training suitable to the role of OT in mental health setting.
  1. Maintain up-to-date specific professional, legal and technical standards of practice in accordance with professional codes of conduct.
  1. To demonstrate a complex level of Mental Health practice and contribute to the sharing of this within your team.
  1. To demonstrate a high working knowledge of CPA and promote best practice within your own team.
  1. To demonstrate a high level of skill in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating treatment for patients.
  1. To know, maintain and constantly strive to improve, all standards of care within the hospital.
  1. To be conversant with the role in terms of carrying out the requirements of the Mental Health Act 1983 as well as assisting in the education of other staff in relation to this.
  1. To demonstrate skills in co-ordinating a team and allocating resources responding to need.
  1. To demonstrate a complex level of use of Occupational Therapy core skills with patients.
  1. Building a collaborative relationship with Patients that will promote reflection, autonomy and engagement in the therapeutic process.
  1. Assessing and observing functional potential, limitations, ability and needs, including the effects of physical and psychosocial environments.
  1. Enabling Patients to explore, achieve and maintain balance in their activities of daily living in the areas of personal care, domestic, leisure and productive activities.
  1. Identifying and solving complex occupational performance problems.
  1. Using activities to promote health, well-being and function by analysing, selecting, synthesising, adapting, grading and applying activities for specific therapeutic purposes.
  1. Planning, organising and leading activity groups.
  1. Analysing and adapting environments to increase function and social participation.
  1. To understand and use appropriately positive risk taking to maximise therapeutic potential.
  1. Comprehensive understanding of the use of group work as a therapeutic medium.

Communication and Working Relationships 

  1. To respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of Patient information, and follow relevant guidelines in disclosing information.
  1. To communicate with others in an appropriate and professional manner.
  1. To provide supervision, support and training to Occupational Therapy and support staff.
  1. Within the development of clinical settings contribute on Occupational Therapy profession's perspective both verbal and written.
  1. To maintain accurate and appropriate clinical records and statistical information as required and in accordance with professional standards.
  1. To gain consent and build a collaborative relationship with Patients that will promote engagement in the therapeutic process adapting to barriers in communication which Patients may present with e.g. emotional, psychological, physical.
  1. To co-ordinate and communicate complex care packages for defined patients both verbally through ward rounds, ward handovers, team integration and telephone and non-verbally through CPA, reports and documentation.
  1. Inform all patients of their right to access their treatment plan, and actively encourage them to read and evaluate them.
  1. Facilitate effective team working to provide excellent treatment and care to both Patients and Carers.
  1. Demonstrate respect for the role of other members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team. 


  1. The post- holder will have access to a wide range of confidential information relating to patients, staff and the company which must not be divulged to any unauthorised person in any circumstances.

This role description may be subject to amendment to take account of changing circumstances but such amendments will only be made following consultation between the post-holder and the Hospital Manager


The post-holder will be expected to be flexible and adaptable to meet service needs, including working outside normal office hours as required.

Please send applications to Marilyn Mukuna : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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