Rehabilitation Services

Our rehabilitation services provide individual, clinical and therapeutic treatment tailored to individual needs for both male and female patients.

Waterloo Manor Hospital

The service is gender specific, working with women who have complex mental health issues. Waterloo Manor is a 54 bed independent hospital that provides assessment and treatment services for women with complex mental health & disorders. 

Sturdee Community Hospital

Sturdee Hospital is a 31 bed service providing inpatient recovery based treatments to female service users who suffer with complex mental health needs. The hospital comprises of locked rehabilitation bed and semi-independent apartments.

Southleigh Community Hospital

Southleigh Community is a 27 bed community-based independent hospital that provides assertive rehabilitation for male and female service users with complex mental health needs. 

Woodleigh Community Hospital

Woodleigh Community is a 23 bed open, community based hospital providing rehabilitation services for males and female with mental health needs, many of whom have additional ongoing physical needs.