To celebrate the campaign time to change here at Waterloo the OT department hosted an eventful day. The aims of the day were to spread the word about how we can open up and talk to one another and how supporting each other can lift the burdens we hold. The itinerary for the day was broken up into 4 group interventions facilitated by Lead OT Jordy Hirst and Clinical Research & Data Analyst Nakita Tandon. The group programme for the day was as follows.

10-11 Time to Change Workshop: Within this workshop we discussed what the meaning behind the campaign is, the difference between mental health and mental illness, engaging in an interactive mental health and illness based quiz, designing group art canvases to explain the importance of talking about these 2 key issues and then looking at key online quotes that others use to differentiate between illness and wellness.

11-12 Stress group: we took part in an experiment using an empty jar to symbolise ourselves as vessels, plastic eggs to represent the key components in our lives such as family, relationships etc , beads to represent the things we do in life such as go to work, salt to represent the little things that bind our life together such as paying bills, eating food and then a cup filled with Luke warm tea. The group had to place the eggs in the jar but they all wouldn't fit so the jar was full, they then found that they had room for the beads but then the jar became full and over flowed with beads, however they filled it with salt and then it over spilled, the group then poured in the tea which was absorbed. The meaning of the experiment was then discussed and the group concluded that no matter what there's time for tea and that if we don't open up and off load our problems we overflow and the big things in life can become swamped by the little things if we don't solve them as they come. We then looked at activities that aid stress management and looked at baking and spent time decorating cakes and cookies for our time to change tea party.

1-2 recovery group: the workshop looked at the importance of talking. We looked at how easy it is to connect with others via playing the simple game of recovery Jenga that then opened up conversations from the very basics of conversational starters which showed we all have things in common no matter our illness, background, role. We then completed some activities such as a recovery wordsearch to look at core buzz words for what supports mental health recovery. We then spent time completing our recovery leaves for our recovery tree with what aids mental health recovery for each of us.

3-4 time to change afternoon tea: We came together and had a lovely afternoon tea with our special home made cookies and buns that were decorated with inspirational words and meanings. We then spent the afternoon discussing stigma and mental illness and looking at the celebrities in the lime light and guessing what illness they suffer from. We then discussed how the media portrays the illnesses. We are using the celebrities in a display with in the unit to highlight that life after and during illness is possible.

We had an amazing day with fabulous attendance from all wards. We had members of the MDT pop down to join in some of the activities and talk about their perception of mental health v mental illness.