Waterloo Manor entered four projects into the National Service User awards 2018 and also have also had a service user selected to be a judge for the awards.

Two of the four projects entered have been shortlisted as finalist for the awards.

The first project, ‘owl stand by you’ and 'pride guide' has been shortlisted under the Recovery and the Arts Category. This project involved a group of service users coming together to try and understand more about the LGBTQ+ community and show support for Pride. We created a collage of an owl (representing Leeds) the head was painted by a service user and then others were invited to create a patch/ feather that would be added to the body showing a colourful message of support. The guide itself further explored the history of LGBTQ+ rights, a service users journey and Waterloo Manor Commitment to Pride.

The second project comes under the Community Social and Vocational Category and is called the ‘Wizarding World of Waterloo’. At Waterloo we enjoyed a day full of harry potter activities including potion making (calm down bottles) herbology (planting seeds) care of magical creatures (pet therapy) and many more.We then created a booklet to show how harry potter has brought hope to many service users, how J.K. Rowling has helped tackle Stigma and how harry potter is a great tool to help build therapeutic relationships and discuss mental health.

Inmind Healthcare Group are so proud of this achievement, well done to all involved!

owl stand by you