Southleigh Community Hospital

Southleigh Community is a 25 bed community-based independent hospital that provides assertive rehabilitation for male and female service users with complex mental health needs. The hospital provides 19 single en-suite bedrooms and 6 semi-independent apartments, allowing us to provide a step down service and encourage independence.

  Males & Females 18+ 19 Beds Locked Rehabilitation

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About Southleigh Community Hospital

At Southleigh community hospital we are keen to ensure that patients move through a pathway as seamlessly and appropriately as possible.  Our semi- independent apartments allow for people in our locked rehabilitation services to step down into a less restrictive environment when the time is right, whilst at the same time allowing us to take positive risks knowing that we have access to all the multi-disciplinary team if required on the same site.

We also admit patients externally who may be stepping down from other inpatient settings.

At Southleigh Community we can accommodate up to 27 service users in 21 single en-suite bedrooms and 6 semi-independent apartments. These flexible apartments can be used as a way of safely allowing people more independence, or alternatively are equally suitable for those requiring a higher level of support.

We provide therapeutic and socially inclusive programmes according to the detailed care plan which is written in agreement with the people in our care, their family, our multi-disciplinary team and funding authority.   Through positive risk management we support our service users to access both community and unit based leisure activities, adult educational opportunities and vocational/work schemes.

The emphasis of all care pathways is on inclusion. Care pathways have a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach based on individual need. All treatment is evidence based and our staff engage in continued professional development to ensure that the most up to date evidence base is utilised.

Our multi-disciplinary team is fully committed to assisting each service user to attain their own potential through helping them to become more confident in their own personal development and where appropriate, encouraging individuals to learn new skills in achieving nationally recognised qualifications that may help secure future employment.

Links have been made with local supported employment organisations to assist the people in our care find work or move closer to regular paid work through training, volunteering and work placement schemes.

Care Pathways are short to medium term – and in the majority of cases length of stay is envisaged as being from 9 months to 2 years with a view to moving into a less secure community setting. This will mean different things for each individual and will range from living in a robust supported living environment to living independently with minimal input and support.

With 6 semi-independent apartments on-site, we have the facility to optimise a step down service and promote independence whilst still having the support mechanisms of a full multi-disciplinary team.



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