Woodleigh Community Hospital

Woodleigh Community is a 23 bed open, community based hospital providing rehabilitation services for males and female with mental health needs, many of whom have additional ongoing physical needs.


Woodleigh Community provides rehabilitation for men and women with ongoing mental health needs who may have a history of being difficult to place.

As an open community hospital, residents at Woodleigh Community are encouraged to use local community services and we support residents detained under the Mental Health Act to use their Section 17 leave in a structured and meaningful way. We actively support positive risk management in relation to this.

Woodleigh has a 15 year track record of supporting individuals who have ongoing mental health needs and require support to live in the community. Our aim is to develop individualised packages of care that enhance independence and improve quality of life.

We provide therapeutic and socially inclusive programmes according to an agreed care plan. We have strong links with local voluntary schemes and College placements.

Our dually qualified and trained nurses support and monitor those with ongoing physical health problems alongside their mental health needs. We take a holistic view in which good physical health is crucial to an individual’s mental health recovery. We are particularly proud of our ability to manage complex treatment plans and the associated side effects of people taking Clozapine.

Our multidisciplinary team uses a range of proven interventions to promote recovery and comprises:

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Activity Co-ordination



For referrals please call 0800 310 1150


Contact Us

Woodleigh Community Hospital

28 Elmwood Road


Telephone: 020 8239 6033

Fax: 020 8239 7171

Email: woodleigh@inmind.co.uk